World First Privacy Protection Wireless Mouse with Computer Screen Lock Minimize Windows Mute Sound

The world first, keep your secret fast,through a Button can be kept confidential

* Protect your privacy and avoid awkward: Whenever somebody is passing by or coming to you, you just need to press the “Silence Key”, your computer will minimize all the open windows and mute the sound.
* Open the computer lock screen’s first line of defense: When you get up to the tea room, just press the “Lock Key”, privacy protecting is on.
* Wireless mouse, working distance up to 10 meters
* No switch, intelligent power saving
* The design of mouse according to ergonomics standard
* Can be working whenever and wherever on sofia, desk, trousers, etc.

World-First-Unique-Privacy-Design-Mouse 2015-new-wireless-mouse Computer-Lock-Mouse Lock-Screen-Mouse Mouse-with-Computer-Screen-Lock Privacy-Protection-Mouse Wireless-Privacy-Mouse


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