Steering Wheel Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit Handsfree Universal Multipoint Speakerphone Phone Speaker

1. Hand free device used professional Bluetooth hand free chipset from USA Broadcom.
2. Hand free calling with clear and loud sound.
3. Work with 2 mobile phone devices stand-by simultaneously.
4. Every function mode such as Power on/off, Pair, Connect Phone, disconnected phone, phone calling in and phone calling out has voice to remind in different language like English, Spanish, Mandarin.
5. Bluetooth V3.0, searching and connecting fast, works all version under 3.0.
6. The Bluetooth device will power off automatically when your mobile phone disconnects with the device more than 10 minutes.
7. Work with all Bluetooth item such asking phone, laptop, tablet and other Bluetooth device.
8. The loudspeaker of this Bluetooth car kit speakerphone is in the front of the device rather than the back which can provide much clearer and better-quality sound than other speakerphone.
9. A hexagon wrench is included for your to install or uninstall the device.

1. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 3.0
2. Voltage: 5V
3. Electricity: 110mA
4. Standby electricity: 8.6 mA
5. Working temperature: -20℃~70℃
6. Frequency: 2402~2480MHz
7. SNR: >90dB
8. Maximum transmitter power: 2Bm
9. Transimitter distance: 10 meters
10. Receiving sensitivity: -86dBm

Package include

1x Car Steering Wheel Bluetooth Car Kit Speakerphone
1x Car charger adapter
1x Charging cable
1x Hexagon wrench
1x User guide

Way to use
(1)Pick up phone button
When calling in and press the “Pick Up” to start talking.
When calling in, press “Refuse” button, it will refuse calling.
(3)Hang up
During callig, press “Hang Up” to end calling
(4) Redial lastest calling out number
During stand-by, press “Redial” can call lastest call out number.
(5) Voice Dial
During stand-by, double press “Pick Up” and start phone voice dial function.
Remarks: The phone has to have voice dial function.
(6) Talking switch
During talking, press “Switch” button to switch talking by phone or Bluetooth device.
(7) Mute
During talking, press Volume + and Volume – together to set MUTE speaker.
(8) Voice remind setting
Press and hold “Switch”, the Bluetooth device will remind, it support multiple language, and press”Dial” button to select English.

Bluetooth-Hands-free-Steering-Wheel Steering-Wheel-Wireless-Bluetooth-Car-Kit-Handsfree Steering Wheel Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit Handsfree Universal Multipoint Speakerphone Phone Speaker

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