DVB Digital Video Broadcasting Digital Terrestrial Receiver

SCART Mini USB TV Box 01 DVB Digital Video Broadcasting Digital Terrestrial Receiver Watch and Record TV All-in-one Box Enjoy Online Movies on your Home TV

1.Enjoy online movies on your home TV
2.Watch&Record TV all-in-one BOX
Frequency range: 1.VHF:147-429.9MHz, 2.UHF:430-858MHz,MPEG-2 digital and fully DVB-T compliant
3.Automatic PAL/NTSC conversion
4.3000 TV channels and radio programmable
5.8 different favorite group’s selection
6.On screen display with OSD multiple languages
7.Fully supports up to 7 days electronic program guide(EPG)
8.Picture in graphics(PIG) supported
9.256 colors on-screen display
10.Channel search in automatic,manual,and network search
11.Various channel editing
12.Function(favorite,move,lock,delete,rename,find and sort)
13.Parental control for channels
14.Plug-and-play installation,with easy to use menu system
15.Time set by GMT offset automatic and manual,summer time supported
16.5 event timers,off/once/daily/weekly/monthly mode
17.Subtitle supports DVB ET 300472 by VBI and teletext supports DVB ET300472 by VBI and OSD
18.With video recording function
19.With 90 joint adjustable

MINI SCART DVB T DIGITAL RECEIVER-in Satellite TV Receiver Scart Mini TV Box

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