Longer Single In-Ear Anti Radiation Earphone without Microphone Air Tube Headset

Type:In ear
Function:Anti-radiation/Radiation Protection
Pattern:Screw Spring

Radiation-proof earphone(safe earphone)is for telecommunication equipments like cell phone, mp3/mp4 player which produces high frequency magnetic field and strong radiation.This new generation radiation-proof earphone can reduce radiation largely and produce high stereo sound.
The earphone is connected with cell phone by plug. Then radio signals are transferred to the main part of earphone. Circuit board in the main part transfers radio signals into audio signals which are released by loudspeaker. The audio signals are finally transferred to our ears.

Pregnant Mom: When you call, the phone radiation will greatly affect healthy development of the baby. For the baby and your health, wear our radiation headphones.
Business people: using radiation-proof headset during a call can effectively reduce the risk of brain cancer, deafness, cataracts, endocrine disorders, reproductive disorders, etc.

Anti-Radiation-Earphone-for-mp3-player Anti-Radiation-Earphone-Longer Radiation-Protection-Earphone-without-microphone

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